The Stanley Parable – released in 2011 by Galactic Cafe (Davey Wreden and William Pugh) was one of the most interesting games I’ve ever played, mainly because of the way it completely broke the traditional rules of gaming, throwing one surprise after another at the player. Wreden announced The Stanley Parable’s follow-up only a few days prior to the release date (Otcober 1st 2015) on Twitter, entitled The Beginner’s Guide. So, what is it about?

It is difficult to describe The Beginner’s Guide. In a similar way to Wreden’s previous game, it delivers an unexpected experience to the player. Wreden guides you through this autobiographical video game, in which you literally experience the author’s story – building your own thoughts and feelings, while he describes the emotions he felt during those events.

The Beginner’s Guide has no traditional mechanics, causing several people to question whether it can actually be labelled as a game, but the way it conveys its message could only be done through this medium. As you explore and discover the world of The Beginner’s Guide, you get to learn a whole lot more about its creator than if it had been released as a novel or as a movie.

Wreden has once again managed to create a personal, intriguing, unique game that you’ll be thinking about even after turning the game off. The Beginner’s Guide is one of those few video games that prove that something else – an unexplored form of art – awaits behind this medium.


Why I think “The Beginner’s Guide” is a crucial step for the future of video games

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