Last weekend I participated in the Global Game Jam 2016. It was my first game jam and I had a blast! It was my pleasure to join a team of experienced game jammers (this was their 7th participation in a game jam) and I learned a lot from them! The most important lesson I draw from it is that it is amazing to be an independent game developer!


Here is the result of our game jam: Totem Recall


The game looks and feels beautiful, even if I say so myself.


Totem Recall is a two-player dexterity puzzler which requires both players to collaborate in order to build the most eccentric shape of Totems. The game is played with two controllers on one screen. Player 1 controls the rotation of the base and the existing structure whereas player 2 controls and places the building blocks. Together they have to create and match the totem shape outline which is displayed on the screen.


Both players need to communicate and work together to complete the levels.


Grégory Dassibat (Programming)
Julien Foucher (Programming)
Louis Le Brun (Graphics)
Farhat Fazeli (Dank memes)


Here’s a link to download the game. you need two players, a windows pc and two controllers.
Game Jam Time!
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